GENECO summermeeting

Hejsan and welcome to our new Marine Ecology Blog!

It is very exciting to write the first entry right now. The first of many to come, we hope to give you interesting insights into our research, tell you about attended workshops and conferences and keep you updated about what is happening in our labs. If you are interested into a special project or want to comment on blog entries, please feel free to contact us, we hope to find the time between lab work, field trips and fika to answer.

Let me shortly introduce myself: my name is Carina, I come originally from Germany and started my Master studies in Marine Ecology last year here in Kalmar. Now I am recruited as a PhD student and will continue to work with marine bacteria in the lab next door (MME group). Nevertheless, Catherine cannot let me go completely and still involves me in projects, teaching and activities, this blog and through our research center EEMiS we are all collaborating anyway. Besides spending a lot of time in the labs at the guest harbor, I like music, art, handball, spending time with friends, nature and the sea.

This week Catherine, Mireia, me and colleagues from other groups attended the Geneco summer meeting outside of Lund. GENECO  is a Graduate Research School in Genomic Ecology and after a 3 hours’ drive in fancy cars we arrived at Klippan where the workshop was held. How can I summarize those two days best? High quality lectures, productive group discussions, interesting people and research questions, nice evening including a disco,… . We heard talks by J. Kissinger, C. Wheat, K. Long and B. Cresko about functional genomics and transcriptomics of model and non-model organisms and at least I have to digest a lot of these information first. During a poster session I could present a poster on the aims of my PhD and had some really interesting discussions about transcriptomics and DNA extractions. I am looking forward to more workshops and courses.

Next week the semester starts again and the 3rd year’s undergrad course in Marine Ecology will be held. 15 students will be thrown into the lab (cold water) in Kårehamn and some new master students will start their time in Kalmar with research methodology courses.

Welcome everybody, we will see you around!

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