The conference on Aquatic Microbial Ecology was held in Italy in September.

SAME1Stresa, Italian food, mountains, nice September weather, interesting presentations and poster sessions attracted us. Us? We were a lot of people representing the Linnaeus University: 5 PhD students, 4 Postdocs, one supervisor and 6 family members. We gave 5 presentations and presented 4 posters, all in yellow. I think we did quite well 😉

We all know by now that microbes rule the world. It is not different in the water columns, fresh or marine doesn’t actually matter. Therefore the conference in Stresa was a perfect platform to meet colleagues from all over and get new ideas and perspectives on several topics.

The first keynote lectures were given by Farooq Azam and Sinead Collins: from molecular interactions to plasticity. Even if I was still tired from traveling south and waiting in the airport, it was a good start and the welcome aperitif was of course really nice!


Listening to all the talks it became clear which methods are “in” or “modern”: -omics and FT-ICR-MS to describe different carbon molecules. Further, single cell genomics are starting up to tell some interesting stories. If you then look at the movies of single bacteria cells moving or swimming through media and bacteria grazing on marine snow it becomes really visual that the water is colonized by microbes. We get new insights into the deep waters thanks to Spanish cruises over the oceans and know which bacteria clusters can be found in all the different sampling sides thanks to next generation sequencing.

A big thanks to Gianluca, Stefano, Manuela, Gian Marco and all the other organizers! It was a great conference and we will see you all in Sweden in 2 years!

 / Carina Bunse Carina Bunse

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