A greeting from the West Coast

As a former student in Kalmar, writing my bachelor thesis in the MPEA group, I’m sending a little report from my continues studies at the Mastersprogram of Marine Science at Gothenburg University.

Right now I’m taking a course in Marine Ecosystems, and the course is mostly located at the Sven Lovén Centre for Marine Sciences at Kristineberg, Fiskebäckskil.

Last week we took samples on soft deep bottoms and increased our interest and insight in mud. We brought up sediment from depths of 118 m to 13 m to look at the community of organisms. First you just get mud, a big pil

e of mud, and then after some flushing and filtering you get worms and mollusks.

In our sample from the 118 m depth you get a lot of worms, so much worms you start dreaming about them and seeing them as soon as you close your eyes! The purpose were to determine the species and looking at their ecology.

In which succession stage is the bottom? Some years the deep parts of Gullmarsfjorden get exposed to oxygen depletion, and the ecosystem partly collapse, and as new opportunistic organism migrate back and the ecosystem s

lowly recover you find different species with different ecology. Our results show that right now the deep part of Gullmarsfjorden seems to be in more or less a climax state where the oxygen levels are more or less normal and the ecosystem is recovered. Here is a pictures from our samples:

Neoleanira tetregona
Neoleanira tetregona











This week we are looking at the pelagic part of the ecosystem, focusing on plankton. My group are responsible for the phytoplankton part where we collected samples for species determination and for bio

mass calculations. Here is a pictures of what we found:

Ceratium tripos
Ceratium tripos


I’m enjoying my studies and love to be outdoors this much! But yes, I do miss Kalmar and the good group on the other side of Sweden!

See you around!


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