Twitter and research

This year’s Geneco winter meeting in Lund was themed “social media for Scientists”. First up were student talks (me included) and people started tweeting directly: “forget about fish – microorganisms are the most important players in the sea”. We learned that it’s all about keywords in LinkedIn and blogging can be fun (DeepSeaNews). I got excited and want to continue informing you about what we do and what is going on in the lab, so here are more short information:

  • Group meeting ended in more projects/work/writing and rolling balls over the bowling lane.
  • Our webpage will be updated – more information for you soon!
  • Follow @LegrandCath (on twitter) and Elin Lindehoff in Hawaii (ASLO meeting) #osm2014.
  • Sampling 600 liter seawater succeeded, thanks to the Provider-crew!


Carina Bunse

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