Field sampling season has started.

Even if the sampling season didn’t really stop for the season, one could say that it re-booted at least.

Kårehamn samplings are ongoing throughout the year, with samplings once a month. Right now, we need help collecting all the water we need. This is where the crew on Provider comes in. The Provider is based up in Kårehamn and connected to the windmill farm off the coast of Öland.  Since we needed 600 liters of water  for this sampling we couldn’t use our boat and so, the Provider crew stepped in.


In addition, sampling in Emån has started. As soon as the harbour in Påskallavik was free from ice, we went sampling in the plume of the river Em. This will go on for about a month, so come back on a regular basis to get updates.



Emil Fridolfsson

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