Gäddans dag II

Pike's day was a huge success! About 400 people visited the wetland area and we saw some familiar faces. Weather was okay, we could seek shelter from the rain here and there in the Linneaus tent where we showed pictures from the lab and field. Also, we had a pike-food exhibition! Now we are back … Continue reading Gäddans dag II

Gäddan’s dag – Pike’s day

On Sunday the 13th april, it’s time again for pike’s day outside of Mönsterås. Pike have returned from their foraging grounds to the wetland in Kronobäck for their annual spawning. Normally, these pikes live ”downstream” in the Kalmar Sound but migrate back to freshwater habitats for spawning. Their preference for shallow flooded grassland as spawning … Continue reading Gäddan’s dag – Pike’s day