Gäddan’s dag – Pike’s day


On Sunday the 13th april, it’s time again for pike’s day outside of Mönsterås. Pike have returned from their foraging grounds to the wetland in Kronobäck for their annual spawning. Normally, these pikes live ”downstream” in the Kalmar Sound but migrate back to freshwater habitats for spawning. Their preference for shallow flooded grassland as spawning substrate makes it possible to get a close look at their spawning activities.


The wetland in Kronobäcken is one of several pike factories that have been established along the coast of Sweden. Besides fish, the wetland attracts and harbors a rich assemblage of birds, insects and amphibians – not to mention plants. The rare pasque flower is normally flowering in the area at the same time as the pike are spawning.


Research from the Fish Migration Group at the Linnaeus University have highlighted the importance of freshwater habitats for the recruitment of coastal fish in the Baltic Sea. Even small and shallow brooks constitute important spawning grounds for several fish species. These findings have inspired contructions and restorations of wetlands along the east coast of Sweden to increase the recruitment of pike. The wetland in Kronobäcken have been an important study area during this research and is a good example of how efficient pike factories can be with an production of over 280 000 pike fry last year – compared to 3000 fry before the construction of the wetland.

As last year, PhD students from Linnaeus University will provide information about ongoing research. We will also inform you about Baltic Sea food webs and can answer questions that you might have.

Hope to see you there!

/Carina, Oscar and Emil

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