Marine friday links

Hello again!

While we all are busy writing articles or finishing analysis in the lab, the internet this week is full of interesting stories about marine life:

We normally say we know more about space then we do about deep sea. We still see the sea as a big, unknown and unchanged environment. However when researchers surveyed several places in the deep sea, they were not the first one to arrive. Our garbage was already there. Sad story: Even the deep ocean is not unaffected by humans.


Different type of litter washed up at the shore of Newfoundland. A dead whale corpse is rotting outside of a small city and smelling horribly. As it is filled with fermentation gases, people are now waiting for it to explode. If you are keen to get updates, follow it’s website: Someone actually calculated the pressure inside an exploding whale.

For the first time an underwater mine is established, a Canadian company is now allowed to gain metals from the deep sea. They are going to harvest copper, silver and gold outside of new Guinea in about 2000 meter depth. Consequences for the marine environment however are not known. Learn more about it at

About the Baltic Sea I found an interactive videogame. It provides information about DDT in sea birds, fish stocks, algae, … I could spend a long time skimming through but I should go back into the lab 😀

The last link for today is a movie about marine life with beautiful pictures from underwater. Enjoy the colourful environment, the marine diversity, symbioses between animals, curiosity of seals, top predators of the ocean and gracefulness of living whales.


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