Akademisk Högtid, May 23 2014

Today the blogg has been hijacked by the latest acquisition in the MPEA-group – Pernilla. I am Dr in chemistry since October 2013 and I’ve been working in the group since January 2014.

Last Friday we were celebrating Akademisk Högtid at the Linnaeus University, a ceremony that is celebrated in May every year. New doctors and doctors of honour are promoted, new professors installed and holders of scholarships are also awarded. The MPEA-group participated in, as we say in swedish, double sense since Elin was awarded with the Linné stipendium, 500 000 SEK (Kalmar och Växjös stora Linnéstipendium för forskning inom ekologisk hållbar utveckling), and I was promoted as a new doctor. The ceremony and dinner took place in Kalmarsalen.



Pernilla promoveras 1

Pernilla promoveras 2

After the ceremony where I received my garland and diploma the festivity continued with mingel at the glass veranda.

PernillaCatherineElinPernilla, Catherine, Elin

Then we had a three-course dinner in Romanhallen with entertainment such as choir-singing, speach from rector and one of the doctors of honour, soprano-singing, acrobates and a speach from a promoted doctor. The honourable selected doctor was ME! I’d like to use the word Magic. That is what it felt like when I was on the stage. Once in a life time! Carpe diem! And I really cought the moment, I can promise you that. I am very grateful having been given this opportunity. I am deeply honored. It was said that I had 3-5 minutes at my disposal but I pinched eight! If you want to see me and what I said, click below.

Enjoy life, my friends! I do.


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