Summer algal blooms in the Baltic Sea

It is sunny, it is warm, it is summer. The warm weather, decreasing winds and relatively high concentrations of nutrients in the Baltic Sea are ideal conditions for algal blooms. As you probably read in the newspaper, SMHI is tracking the accumulation of algal blooms at the sea surface. Currently the North of Öland is in the risk zone for large algal blooms. Please follow the homepage of SMHI for the current phytoplankton situation and risks.


(Picture by Anders Månsson) Today, we received water samples from our sampling site (Linnæus Microbial Observatory); about 20 km outside of Kårehamn on Öland and a phytoplankton bloom can be seen in the surface water.


In the microscope, cyanobacteria and

Cladocera are found among others (Picture by Carina).




From Byxelkrok (North of Öland), our (soon to be) scientific divers (Emil, Emma and Zoé) with Hasse Johnsson report NO algal accumulation in the swimming/diving range (Picture by Zoe Robert).


NO algal accumulation either could be spotted in the Kalmarsund yesterday! (Picture by Catherine) Excellent news for all swimming lovers!


(picture heart cyanophoto Franzi Klotz ) 57__5_18_07_heart

Have a nice summer

/Carina and Catherine


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