Kalmar Stadsfest

Last week Kalmar arranged the yearly “Stadsfesten”. The days were filled with different events like exhibitions, funfairs, market stalls, concerts and other entertainments. The events were placed around in Kalmar – Stortorget, inner city, Larmtorget, Kvarnholmen (Baronen) and Sveaplan. We were at Sveaplan hosted by Kalmar Vatten. Our research group had a small exhibition to display three different scenarios in our oceans – polluted, eutrophicated and clean water.


I (Pernilla), Elin and Lina (our summer intern and future MSc student in Aquatic Ecology) represented our group at the exhibition. To be able to illustrate these three scenarios in aquaria we had to go in the field collect seawater. This was something I looked forward to long before the vacation when we decided to do this event. Since I am a chemist I am usually trapped between four walls in the lab. What an experience to be outside in the field! The closest I have been to the nature during working hours has been outside in the sun with a cup of coffee. Every now and then during coffeebreaks in the sun I see a bird but I do not know the species…


No sooner said than done, Elin and I went to the BoM field-storage room and Elin chose wader pants boots while both of us laughed a lot, bag nets and buckets for us both. And some hours before the event we drove to Svinö. I managed to dress myself in the wader pants boots and I succeeded to assemble the bag net. Yeeaahh! And with instructions from Elin even I caught one living thing after another.


A chemist in wader pants!
A chemist in wader pants!
Selfie of me and Elin.


I think it was named minigråsuggor (kind of small leaches, Jaera), algsnäckor (snail, Theodoxus fluviatilis), tånglöss (crustacean, Idothea), tångmärlor (crustacean, Gammarus) and tångräkor (shrimp, Palaemon palaemon) … One shrimp was so big that we had to name him Svante. Of course he got his home in the “clean” aquarium. We also picked some pretty blåstång (bladderwrack, Fucus vesiculosus) and we found trådslick (brown seaweed, Pylaiella littoralis) and grönslick (long green algae, Cladophora glomerata) that was used to prepare our aquaria.


I can just imagine that almost as fun it was for me to be outside in the field it was for Elin, a true marine ecologist, to see the chemist in wader pants. Very funny!!!


During the Friday afternoon, a lot of people, both interested adults and clever kids, visited us during these hours to look, talk and get some candy too! Something that was very fascinating for the visitors were the cyanobacteria which they could relate to personally due to news about not bathing when they are visible in the sea surface in large quantities. These they could observe both in bottles and under the light microscope.


Lina, I and Elin talking to visitors.
Lina, I and Elin talking to visitors.


We want to send our greatest gratitude to Kalmar Vatten that invited us to participate in this event!


PS! Forgot to say that I passed the wading pants/field test according to Elin =). DS.

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