October updates

As the year draws towards the end (still a lot to do) the very nice and warm summer days are getting fewer whilst the dark and rainy autumn days are more frequent. Still the life of the PhD’s goes on and from the 1st October, I (Emil) am officially one of them. Right now I’m reading, reading, reading to get into my new field of interest, Vitamins and pigments in aquatic food webs, focusing on zooplankton in the Baltic Sea.

Another (old) newcomer to LNU is Christofer Karlsson, who will study ecophysiological responses with model bacteria and cyanobacteria to establish causal links between key environmental stressors and genetic signatures and selected nutrient fluxes/biogeochemical process rates of bacteria.

Carina, has an experiment with Baltic Sea bacteria ongoing right now (Super results to come). Here are some microscopical impressions: 10 ml seawater stained – like a galaxy on it’s own.


Picture: Carina Bunse

Except from reading, writing and having ongoing experiments, there is some teaching to BSc and MSc students in our schedules. Just last week I was in charge of a mussel lab where we examined clearance rates of blue mussels and the students got to design their own experiments.

Also the LMO sampling is ongoing, and now also the long sought after buoy is collecting data, have a look for yourself and choose “OlandOst” under observations.

2014-08-07 08.59.25

Buoy at LMO, including Anders


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