Tell a story from the sea

Marine research would be hard to do without the possibility to go to sea. Researchers rely on appropriate vessels, experienced captains and a reliable crew to bring us safely to study sites and, more importantly, back again! Outside our lab, in the Guest harbor, the Marine Academy is located. If you visited Kalmar, I am sure you have recognized the tower. When the new autumn semester begins, students have their safety drill and you see loads of orange people jumping from the boat Calmare Nyckel into the water, it is tempting to have a coffee break and observe them.

2015-02-14 10.12.50

This week’s science article “plastic waste inputs from land into the ocean” made me think about how people and countries handle plastic waste. It is shocking how much plastic waste ends up in the oceans, threatening many marine organisms and ecosystems. Therefore it is important to increase environmental awareness among people worldwide. One initiative to increase environmental awareness among students and seafarers in Europe is the Master’s course “Greening Maritime Transport” that is currently running in Kalmar. It is taught on-campus as well as distance learning and you see the course coordinator Catherine together with a team of teachers, professors, and policy makers sitting in front of the computer skyping with participants at sea.

One of the learning tools is the Blog “Tell a story” where participants share thoughts, ideas, photos and projects. Have a look and read about e.g. the arctic, or the topic “more ships – more accidents”?

More information, lectures or movies of safety drills from the Marine Academy can be found on youtube.

2014-06-12 19.12.00

Safe travels everyone!


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