LUSA – Right Around the Corner

More and more boats line up along Kalmar Harbor in anticipation of summer...
More and more boats line up along Kalmar Harbor in anticipation of summer…

Spring has sprung here in Kalmar! The air – decidedly warmer –  is filled with the smell of growth, the sound of chirping birds, and the brilliantly blooming colors of daffodils, cherry blossoms, tulips and more. Pedestrian streets are filling with happy Swedes, eager to spend their hard-earned cash on some lighter, sunnier clothing. Sailboats are slowly but surely finding their rightful places at the Kalmar Harbor and under the surface, the Baltic Sea spring algal bloom is thriving.

Of course, when you live in Sweden and you note the first signs of spring, your mind immediately jumps to one thought: Summer is coming!!! Here in our little nook at LNU, that means that we are gearing up for the Linneaus University Summer Academy course!

Our course, Discovery of a sustainable Baltic Sea, is taught from Weeks 29 – 33, and will be chock full of full activities – a field trip to Öland with a look at how we can use biological solutions for carbon capture, sailing excursions, a visit to Kalmar Moskogen to discuss how we can make it more eco-friendly, and more. We’ll bring in guest lecturers and industry personnell to talk to us about real issues that are affecting the Baltic Sea. And we will have fun!

We’ll update you soon with more information on our students, our studies and our stimulating adventures later this season!

– Caroline

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