Summer Academy Fishing

At the LNU Summer Academy, in Kalmar, students of the course ”Outdoor Leisure and Sport the Swedish landscape” are learning about various kinds of outdoor sports.
This week’s sport was FISHING! What a discovery for students who never had been fishing before!
The first day of the fishing week was devoted to learning more about potentials and problems associated with recreational fishing. We also discussed the importance of considering ecology when trying to manage fish stocks sustainably.  A long but worthwhile day at the university with many interesting discussions was followed by hands-on fishing the next day in Hultsby.
The forecast promised sunshine and high temperature; generally good weather for outdoor activities but not so appreciated when you are going fishing for species that prefer cold and oxygen-rich waters.  Despite the “bad conditions” and some initial struggle with the fishing gear, the students managed to beat our expectations by catching 8-9 rainbow trout and a few bonus pike and perch.

We had a great fishing day in Hultsby, I will leave it at that and let the pictures speak for themselves!


ND3_1137 ND3_1203

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