This year, the symposium on aquatic microbial ecology SAME14 was held in Uppsala, just north of Stockholm. Of course, our marine-microbial-ecology and marine-phytoplankton-ecology-and-applications groups participated and presented some of our latest research. We mingled with researchers from all over the world and met many old colleagues and friends.

The conference was introduced by a panel discussion about the Baltic Sea in the beautiful main building of Uppsala university. Day two then continued with talks about our Linnaeus Microbial Observatory (LMO) station outside of Kårehamn. We, and our colleagues from Scilife in Stockholm, talked about which cyanobacteria, bacteria and proteins, as well as viruses we find in the water and how they respond to their environment. From the Baltic Sea we moved on to other sessions including “Composition of substrates and communities”, “Microdiversity and functional tuning in the environment” or “Microbial symbiosis”. The conference was highly interactive and interesting and many results were twittered in real-time. Here are some of the tweets:

“MAG (Metagenome-Assembled Genome) is now a thing. Loving it. #SAME14” @luhugerth

“Metacaspases involved in cyanoblooms bloom termination in the Baltic. Karolina Ininbergs #SAME14” @Stebe69

“Del Giorgio: aquatic micecol reaching saturation of taxa diversity at global level. Starting to mature from census to ecology. #SAME14” @VJDenef

If you are interested to read more, search twitter for #SAME14, Sarah Stevens also posted a video of the conference here, for some more impressions 😉 Looking forward to the next SAME15 meeting in Croatia in two years!


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