Elin Lindehoff Receives Environmental Award

This past Saturday, the Äspö Environmental Foundation, which recognizes outstanding environmental work within the region, has presented Elin Lindehoff, a leader within the Marine Phytoplankton Ecology and Applications research group, with its yearly award for spreading awareness about the Baltic Sea.

Elin, a research leader within the group Marine Phytoplankton and Ecology Applications and who took home the Linnestipendium last year in 2014 for her work with micro algae as biofilters, was presented with 50.000 kroner, a diploma and flowers. At the award ceremony, Elin described her interest in the Baltic Sea since she was a ten year old, and now she is realizing that dream.
Elin, who teaches within the Department of Biology and Environmental Science, is one of the researchers at ALGOLAND, a project that works with the industry to find innovative solutions to clean air and water using using microalgae as a filter. Her research also include climate change- and eutrophication related effects on microalgae and zooplankton in the Baltic Sea.

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