BLUEPRINT: Finding Environmental Indicators within the Baltic Sea

IMG_4235At our October 26th gathering, Christofer Karlsson gave us an introduction to his PhD work, centered within the BLUEPRINT project. The aim of BLUPRINT (Biological lenses using gene prints) is to develop and establish good indicators for the environmental status in the Baltic Sea, using biodiversity and genetic functional profiles of microbes in seawater samples.

Christofer’s work within this project is focused on doing ecophysiological response experiments with model bacteria to establish causal links between key environmental stressors and genetic signatures and selected nutrient fluxes/biogeochemical process rates of bacteria. This information should then be incorporated in a Baltic biogeochemical model. Additionally Christofer is interested in investigating how different hazardous chemicals relevant for the Baltic Sea affect bacteria and/or how efficiently different microbes degrade such compounds.

Christofer has a blog! Follow it here!

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