Plankton Toolbox

by Emil Fridolfsson and Fredrik Svensson In the beginning of November members of the group (Fredrik and Emil) attended a workshop on the tool Plankton Toolbox, hosted by SMHI in Gothenburg. The Plankton Toolbox is a free tool for working with phyto- and zooplankton data, all the way from counting samples to handling large datasets. … Continue reading Plankton Toolbox

Plankton with Emil!

Production and transfer of vitamin in aquatic food webs Plankton seminar series by Emil Fridolfsson Some top predators in the Baltic Sea such as sea birds and fish suffer from low levels of pigments and vitamins causing deficiency syndromes. The question is how these deficiencies arise. Pigments and vitamins in aquatic systems are produced by … Continue reading Plankton with Emil!