Plankton with Emil!

Production and transfer of vitamin in aquatic food webs

Plankton seminar series by Emil Fridolfsson

2015-12-07 12.05.36

Some top predators in the Baltic Sea such as sea birds and fish suffer from low levels of pigments and vitamins causing deficiency syndromes. The question is how these deficiencies arise. Pigments and vitamins in aquatic systems are produced by bacteria and phytoplankton and later transformed and transferred by zooplankton to higher trophic levels, but we know very little about the factors regulating this process. My research covers both field investigations of spatial variations in pigments and vitamins, as well as laboratory experiments addressing mechanistic connections and interactions. I hope to be able to understand which factors that affect the transfer of essential biomolecules and hence the underlying mechanisms creating deficiency syndromes in top predators.

More info about our research:

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