LNU Welcomes World Maritime University President

Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry, president of the World Maritime University (WMU)visited LNU this past Friday, along with Professor Olof Lindén, who is responsible for WMU’s research and doctoral programs.

The World Maritime University and the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), the global maritime agency operating under the UN since 1983, will collaborate on research and the training of maritime personnel, with a special focus on developing counties. Based in Malmö with campuses in Shanghai and Dalian, the WMU is the only UN body located in Sweden.

Olof Lindén, Professor WMU, Catherine Legrand, Pro-rector LNU, Cleopatra Dounbia-Henry, President WMU, and Ted Bågfeldt, prefect of Kalmar Maritime Academy 


The day included presentations by both schools, a tour of Kalmar Maritime Academy’s facilities, as well as navigation simulator activities with President Doumbia-Henry and KMA’s students.

Pro-Rector Catherine Legrand gave a presentation on Linnaeus University, and the day ended with substantive discussions on future cooperation and the development of a joint MoU. Kalmar Maritime Academy and WMU see clear potential for cooperation in areas such as joint research programs, teacher exchanges and greater cooperation between students.

For more information on World Maritime University: http://www.wmu.se

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