Join us for Pike Day 2016!

Time to strap on your galoshes, Pike Day is around the corner! On Sunday, April 17th, the annual Pike Day festivities will take off in full swing. Held in the Kronobäck wetlands outside of Mönsterås, Pike Day began in 2012 as an environmental initiative for nature enthusiasts. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn all about the work that goes into the springtime pike spawning in the Kronobäck wetlands, as well as participate in fun, environmental activities for young and old!

Pike Day .jpeg
Emil teaches a group of young biologists-to-be about the various species in the Krönoberg  wetlands 

Pike Day began as part of an effort to raise awareness about the wetlands. During the last decades, ago, Kalmar and its surrounding area experiences a drop in the abundance of pike, due to, in part, the destruction of their natural habitat. Since then, efforts have been made to restore the wetlands, creating “pike factories” where these fish spawn each year. Kronobäck is one of the biggest success stories from these restoration efforts: In only one year, the amount of pike fry increased from 3,000 to about 100,000 fish! That number tripled the following years.

Carina and Oscar outside the LNU tent at a past Pike Day 
Pike Day is for everyone: Children who visit the LNU tent and fyke net have a chance to hold and handle their very own fish, and can see first-hand the splashing, jumping, and spawning of the pike, ide and roach. Adults have a chance to enjoy the outdoors, bird-watch, and hear about ongoing research related to Pike Day and other environmental projects in the area. Participating groups in the past have been bird-watching associations, bee farmers, fishing associations, the nature conservation society and more.


Mönsterås Municipality has built a nature trail all around the wetland with foot bridges over most muddy and wet areas. You can most likely walk around in sneakers without getting wet, but insider sources recommend something waterproof if you plan on exploring!

Below, you’ll find a general schedule of events:

Pike Day Program, April 17th, 2016

10:00 Activities begin at manned tent stations, including LNU fyke net.

11:00 Linnaeus University seminars on ongoing pike research

13:00 Kalmar Läns Museum with lectures on the Viking Age

15:00 Pike Day Closes


Lots of participants have already signed up, it’s sure to be a day packed with learning and exploration. Don’t miss out!


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