Congratulations, Dr. Bertos Fortis!

MPEA is celebrating its latest victory among our motley crew of scientists: Mireia Bertos-Fortis defended her thesis on Friday and received her PhD. In her oral dissertation, Mireia discussed her work with the highly toxic cyanobacterium, Nodularia spumigena, and the effects of decreasing salinity on cyanobacteria in the Baltic Sea. Speaking clearly and with trademark … Continue reading Congratulations, Dr. Bertos Fortis!

Researchers in Focus: Karin Holmfeldt

his week on Researchers in Focus, we sat down with Assistant Professor Karin Holmfeldt, whose work explores the intricate world of marine viruses, and their potential impact in the broader spectrum of marine ecology. With ten million viruses contained in a single milliliter of seawater, Karin has her work cut out for her! Here, Karin discusses her background, and where she derives her interests in the subject…