Better air and water in the Baltic Sea: Algae and Blue mussels to the rescue!

Shenhong Ma and Kimberly Berglöf are 2nd year students in the MSc Aquatic ecology, and gave mid-term presentations of their master thesis on March 1st in Kalmar. Their research topics relate to finding solutions for societal challenges such as using biological solutions to clean air and water, to recover nutrients, to provide environmental services and contribute to regional development in the project ALGOLAND.

Shenhong talked about key factors of sustainability, when microalgae are used to clean the flue gas from the industry Cementa in Degerhamn, and/or purify wastewater from landfills in Moskogen. She computed a Life Cycle study, revealing the environmental impacts and the profitability of ALGOLAND algal cultivation systems. She showed that a small increase in algal biomass productivity could lead to a substantial profitability of biological solutions!

Kimberly is examining the optimal time for harvesting blue mussels from mussel farms in the Baltic Sea. Farmed mussels can be used to filtrate the water from extra nutrients and in the end reduce the eutrophication in the sea. Kimberly is investigating the optimal time and mussel size for harvesting the mussels to gain as much biomass as possible but also remove as much nutrient as possible from the water in the Kalmarsund. The idea is that the harvested mussels later can be used as e.g. animal feed.

We are looking forward to see their final presentations of their master thesis this year!


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