Moskogen – visit from CleanTech International

Spring is here and in ALGOLAND-Recovery, Martin, Fredrik and Maurice have been working hard to install the new algal raceway ponds in Moskogen together with Kalmar Energi and Kalmarsundsregionens renhållare (KSRR). The ALGOLAND project is testing algal cultivation to reduce ammonium levels in leachate water from the landfill (KSRR) in Moskogen by using CO2 in the flue gas from the heating power plant (Kalmar Energi).


We had just started up one of the three raceway ponds when we hosted a visit from an Interregional European South Baltic project: CleanTech International. This project aims to create a platform for small and medium large companies working with environmental technique in the southern Baltic Sea region. Swedish partners are the Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden and Industrial Development center in Kalmar County. Together with the organizations in the partnering countries (Lithuania, Polen Germany and Sweden), meetings and study visits will be arranged to facilitate cooperations and export. The visit was very much appreciated by the four participants:

Ulf Hansson, Energikontor Sydost AB

Prof. Stasys Paulauskas, CEO, Strategic Self-Management Institute, Klaipeda

Jacek Wójcik, Northern Chamber of Commerce, Szczecin

Dr. Olaf Schätzchen, Project- & Networkmanager, enviMV e.V., Rostock

CleanTech International is arranging a conference in Rostock in September 2017: Baltic Clean Technology, where ALGOLAND has been invited to.


Now we have all three raceway ponds up and running in Moskogen just waiting for the power plant flue gas to be connected to the system and internet connection before we can have a proper inauguration.

Next one out is Degerhamn!


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