Sustainability safari 2017!

On a warm day in late August, about 300 interested and eager high school students from schools around Kalmar participated in the sustainability safari. Elin Lindehoff was in the planning committee together with represents form the municipality of Kalmar and Kalmar Energy, which all three organized this day together. The day offered a variety of interesting places to visit and people to meet. The theme for this year’s edition was how to achieve a climate-smart community with focus on what the students can do to live a more environmental friendly life. The day was divided in three sessions, where some students started the day with an inspiring talk by Karl-Henrik Robért and presentations by represents from different sectors in Kalmar. Catherine Legrand talked about sustainability and education and KlasKollberg from the cement factory Cementa in Degerhamn explained the company’s environmental work.

The safari continued in busses where Hanna Farnelid, Eva Pohl, Emil Fridolfsson and Elisabeth Carlsson guided the safari-traveler. The students visited Kalmar Öland Airport where representatives from the airport and Kalmar Energy showed them where one of Sweden’s largest solar panel parks will be located.


The students got some delicious vegetarian and climate-smart lunch in Moskogen

The theme for Moskogen was how to take care of our resources in a better way and how to reduce our effect on the environment.

Kalmar Energy talked about how to make sustainable energy from the woods, More biogas and KSRR talked about how to make biogas from food waste. Martin Olofsson and Fredrik Svensson showed the research project Algoland and explained how to clean air and water with algae.

Students listening to Martin Olofsson and Fredrik Svensson at the Algoland-station
Student ambassadors from Linnaeus University talking to potential new students about further education

Shenhong Ma, Kimberly Berglöf and Maurice Hirwa were all helpful with answering questions from the interested students. The student ambassadors Emma Svahn, Marcus Hall and Louise Richter talked to the potential new students and answered questions about further education. After an intensive day with a lot of impressions and new knowledge, we think that the students were happy and that they have learned something new!

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