Coastal Environment Tour 2017

2017´s edition of the “coastal environment tour” was this year hosted by Algoland!

Representatives from different authorities, associations and companies had signed up for a day with the Algoland-crew. The day started with a tour to Moskogen where associate senior lecturer Elin Lindehoff and pro-vice-chancellor and professor Catherine Legrand explained why and how to use algae to clean water and air from nutrients and CO2. At the facility in Moskogen, the Algoland-project uses algae to clean the nutrient-rich leachate water from the power plants landfill from excessive nitrogen. As a CO2 resource, they use the emissions from the power plant itself.


Martin Olofsson postdoctoral fellow, Fredrik Svensson, laboratory engineer and PhD student Lina Mattsson showed and explained how the facility works in action.


In the afternoon, the “Kalmar commission”, gathered for a discussion about how to improve the environmental conditions of the Baltic Sea. Different parts of the county talked about their projects and how they work to save the Baltic Sea.

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