Happy 250th Sampling Trip, LMO!

This January, we were all pleased to celebrate our 250th trip out to the Linnaeus Microbial Observatory (LMO).  The site, located about 11 km off the coast of Kårehamn, has been visited at least every month (sometimes twice weekly!) by a dedicated team of researchers in order to collect samples that are the basis of … Continue reading Happy 250th Sampling Trip, LMO!

Reach for the Stars

Last week, MPEA’s Emil Fridolfsson took part in a massive Science Outreach campaign geared towards young, enthusiastic students in the Kronoberg Region. The program, Reach for the Stars (Swedish: Mot nya höjder), works with 3rd – 6th grade students to encourage curiosity and learning in the fields of technology, science and mathematics. Students are given … Continue reading Reach for the Stars