Linnéakademien Stipendium awarded to Eva Sörenson and Lina Mattsson for upcoming Gordon Research Conference in Italy

Last week, two MPEA members –  Eva Sörenson and Lina Mattsson, accepted the Linnéakademien grant to travel to Tuscany for the upcoming Gordon Research Conference Elucidating Microbial Processes Across Spatial and Temporal Scales in Lucca, Italy. Linnéakademien is an academy of academic and business luminaries representing the fields of science and technology in the Småland region. Their goal is to promote the development of industry, society and academia through the exchange of ideas, inspiring new projects and research and connecting people from disparate fields. The Linnéakademien Foundation works to promote scientific education and research conducted at Linnaeus University and gives out a few scholarships each year to students who wish to travel to attend conferences and take courses abroad. This year, both Eva and Lina were the two PhD students awarded this honor.

This July, Eva and Lina will be joined by their colleague Hanna Farnelid in their travels to Italy for a weeklong conference discussing their work in marine ecology and microbes. Eva’s poster presentation will focus on the work that she did with fellow colleague Elin Lindehoff, in which they sampled in Åland (archipelago between Sweden and Finland), summarizing which organisms were there and determining the characteristics of the bacterial and eukaryotic late-summer communities.  Lina will present her work regarding the data from the Degerhamn algae system from 2014-2016 in terms of productivity and biomass quality (lipids, proteins, carbohydrates). Her (working) title: “Outdoor algal polyculture for CO2 capture and sustainable biomass production.” Lina’s current project uses leachate water to grow algae at the Moskogen landfill. Hanna will present on her project that studies phytoplankton bacteria interaction.

All three researchers are looking forward to the conference. Says Eva: “I really like this type of conference. It’s very interactive,” she explained. The chairpersons are voted on by people at each conference from the previous year, which engenders a sense of community and growth among researchers. Not only that, but newer, fresh-faced scientists just starting out on their research path are welcomed to the conference early; more established researchers arrive later, allowing a balance and a relaxed exchange of ideas.

Gordon Research Conferences are developed by an organisation dedicated to “building communities that advance the frontiers of science … and bring a global network of scientists together to discuss the latest pre-publication research in their field.” (

Congratulations to Eva and Lina on their award, and we look forward to hearing more from Eva, Hanna and Lina following their trip to Italy!


-Caroline Littlefield



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