Saving Norra Dragsviken / Rädda Norra Dragsviken: A meeting between LNU and local residents to affect change

This spring, Emil Fridolfsson and Catherine Legrand journeyed to Allaktivitetshuset in Rockneby, where they were met with over 80 enthusiastic residents from around the Norra Dragsviken bay. Big interested had been generated when the results from 2017’s summer sampling in Norra Dragsviken was presented.  In this meeting, a working group consisting of Skäggenäs Bygdegårdsförening, Kalmar municipality, Kalmar county administrative board, Norra Möre water council and Linnaeus University invited everyone that was interested to talk about the results from the summer sampling and the future of Norra Dragsviken.

Emil Fridolfsson and Catherine Legrand presented their information on the ecological status of Norra Dragsviken, results from a sampling project performed by members of the Linnaeus University Summer Academy (LUSA) courseDiscovery of a Sustainable Baltic Sea. 

One major discussion was regarding the sewage systems on Revsudden, where the residents will contact Kalmar Vatten to see how the situation may be improved. Another major part of the meeting was the sampling during 2018, where this year’s students will sample Norra and Södra Dragsviken on the 17th July. We will also use drones to map the extent of the reeds and the newly developed smart buoys to follow the water in the small bays. It looks very promising for this year’s sampling as so many residents were interested in helping out, by driving boats, talking to the students or providing sandwiches.

We are also working on the system to make all the results available and we will inform you as soon as we have more information.

Looking forward to a great new summer of sampling!

– Emil Fridolfsson / Caroline Littlefield


For more information on this project:



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