MPEA Alumni in Focus

The MPEA research group is a growing and changing organism. One of the most rewarding elements of being in this group is getting to see our alumni as they, armed with the knowledge and expertise that they’ve acquired during their time at LNU, enter the world of sustainability applications. We caught up with Kimberly Berglöf, who received her Master’s degree in Aquatic Ecology in 2017 and was a key Algoland researcher, focusing on mussel harvesting in the Baltic Sea.

MPEA Alumn Kimberly Berglöf, Director of Operations for Refarm Linné

Kimberly is now Director of Operations at an NGO called Refarm Linné. The organisation spearheads projects that create more sustainable and circular food production and consumption.

Says Kimberly, “One of our main focus areas is recirculating aquaculture, with or without aquaponic, in abandoned buildings such as barns and old industrial plants. We also work on raising the percentage of local, organic and vegetarian food in public kitchens and urban farming.”

To learn more about Kimberly’s work, or about other projects at Refarm, visit their website or send an email.

We look forward to hearing more from Kimberly in the future in her work in the Cultivation Revolution!



Kimberly Berglöf was a student of Dr. Catherine Legrand and Dr. Elin Lindehoff, and worked on the Algoland Project during her time at Linnaeus University. 

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