ALGOLAND photobioreactor up and running!

The MPEA research group is proud to present its latest member. The impressive photobioreactor, now stationed at Cementa’s factory in Degerhamn, on the island of Öland, Sweden. The reactor is a GWP-II (Green Wall Panel) and was delivered by Fotosintetica & Microbiologica (F&M), Italy. It consists of four panels of 12m each and has control systems for e.g. temperature and aeration. A remote control and monitoring systems allows us to supervise the reactor from the lab at Linnaeus University, in Kalmar 60 kms away. Remote solutions are “climate-friendly”!


Within the project ALGOLAND we will run the reactor with a succession of natural Baltic Sea microalgae communities and evaluate the capture of CO2 from the cement factory flue gases and the quality of the biomass produced. Flue gas, directly from the factory chimney is lead to the bioreactor and released into the water, where the microalgae grow. CO2 is captured by the algae during photosynthesis and together with nutrients from the local sewage treatment plant the microalgae can produce a high biomass yield. This biomass can be transformed into new energy for example Biofuels, e.g. biodiesel or biogas.

During early June the photobioreactor was delivered to Degerhamn as a kit and was put together by our Italian experts from F&M, Niccolò Bassi and Folco Tredici, aided by the excellent help of ALGOLAND members Martin Olofsson (PhD student) and Fredrik Svensson (research assistant).


On the 14th of June, just one day after the install was completed and microalgae added to the reactor, we joined in Cementa’s family day and inaugurated our new reactor to the public. The masterminds behind project ALGOLAND, project owner Catherine Legrand (Lnu) and Claes Kollberg (Cementa Degerhamn, plant manager). Best practice in academia-industry cooperation!
This day we also celebrated Cementa’s investment in a new industrial filter (large shiny metallic part on the façade), reducing the particles released from the flue gas.There was a real show put on for kids and their families with, artists, “jumping castles”, horseback riding, facial painter, ballons etc….and of course our photobioreactor to look at! Kids helped us draw their version of microalgae.

Slide05 Slide06

Thanks to Ingmar (Pernilla’s Dad) who is our favourite photographer! Now we let our microalgae get to work.

/Elin Lindehoff, project manager, ALGOLAND

One thought on “ALGOLAND photobioreactor up and running!

  1. Congratulation! Always good to read about new PBRs being set up an running in Europe 🙂
    I would be glad if you could consider doing a guest post on the AlgaeObserver givinv some information on your project.

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